Welcome to our food & beverage tastings


Food & beverage tastings

Dalecarlia introduced this year very successful tastings on Saturday afternoons.

When we summed up the year there were desires to expand our themed tastings while furthering a higher quality of the tested drinks. We have listened to our guests and here below you will find what tests we have in the near future.

  • Max 20 places
  • 4 drinks/occasion
  • Price SEK 195/non -residents
  • 150 SEK/testing for hotel guests
  • Booking is possible until 13:00 the same day.

Enrolment & prices

Register to qr.dalecarlia@choice.se alternativt 0247-89 100, price 195 SEK/test, time 17:00 to about 17:45. Maximum 20 people/testing.



Autumn schedule is released in early August but is similar to Spring’s tests:


5th Chocolate

We test 4 varieties with suitable drink

12th Beer

Mico- brewery

19th Grappa

Loved or hated we test stored and unseasoned grappa

26th Whisky

We test some of the Swedish varieties, Hven and Mackmyra


3rd Cheese and drink

4 kinds of cheese with a suitable drink

10th Beer

IPA, APA & Ale!

17th Wine to Game

4 kinds of wine with game snacks

24th Rome

French or English style, testing 4 different varieties


7th Beer

Micro Breweries

14th Gin

Gin as a digestive and ingredient in trendy cocktails. We drink four varieties

21st Whisky

We test both the Swedish and Scottish whiskies

Pre registration for qr.dalecarlia@choice.se | 0247-89100 no later than noon. 13:00 on the test day.